Scott is available to speak individually, to small groups, and at larger seminars on a host of subjects and topics.  Ranging from the impact processed foods & commercialized farming have had-and are having-on our world, the world's healthcare system and global destruction, to the personal responsibility of one's Self to make deep & lasting change and how to accomplish such change, to the less-impact lifestyle of bicycling and veganism, Cutshall has been sought out by individuals seeking help to change all the way up the ladder to scientists, researchers, doctors and the international media to share his very personal, unique & hard earned insights from his own life.

"The way we are currently living, conducting our lives isn't working.  It's no longer practical, if it ever was in the first place.  I liken it to Rome burning and while that fire rages everyone is sitting in their cars at the take-out window at insert name here fast food joint.  The way we eat, the way we farm that food we eat, the manner in which we go to buy that food, it's a broken model.  Between the pandemic of poor health, the drag-down taxing of the global healthcare system, and obesity, we aren't turning down a road any longer-we are fully on that dark road... and the exit signs have disappeared from behind us.

I made the standard choices, and they worked for me until they didn't.  When I faced down my personal black wall, and we all eventually do, I was offered many choices for fixing it.  The medical community was all too ready to step in and fill me with Meds and surgeries, but at what point does a person just say, "I've had enough", and take responsibility?  No, I made my bed and now I was going to sleep in it -- or figure out at a way to take the road less, far less, traveled and fix it myself.

There is a better alternative to being filled up with pills or having your organs rerouted.  Trust me when I say, I know there's a better way...

...and while we don't know how we are going to go out, we definitely can have an impact on who we are-how we are-here, while we're here."

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Posted August 10, 2018 @ 2:45am by S. Cutshall

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The Sins of The Son

Posted October 19, 2015 @ 12:45am by S. Cutshall

My dad died.18 years ago my mom died.On May 17th of this year I became an orphan. A 51 (now, as of 9/22/15, a 52) year old orphan. And it's weird. Odd. Off-putting. Reality inducing. Cryptic. Bittersweet. Occasionally tear-filled, wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night "Holy Shit"... Read More...



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