Scott began studying music at the ripe old age of 5 in Meadville, Pennsylvania.  First beginning on flute and piano, he quickly realized that drums and percussion were his true calling.

Under the mentorship of Floyd Williams Jr.(head of Jazz Studies-Allegheny College), Cutshall found his way to his lifelong love of improvised music.  Making no distinction between any styles or idioms with the only protocol being -in Duke Ellington's immortal words, "There's only two types of music: Good and Bad"- it had to ignite passion and fire, Scott has spent 45 years searching to make that connection between this world and the Other... the Ethereal, the spiral upward and into the Ethers.

Scott has recorded 3 albums under his own shingle:

Zyphoid Process (on the esteemed -and now sadly defunct- German label, CMP)


Dave Liebman-Soprano Saxophone

Russ Lossing-Piano

Tony Marino-Bass


Mind/Moon/Circle... a trio recording with saxophonist Liebman and bassist Marino (from the Zyphoid sessions) that explores the connection between Zen Buddhism, Zen Koans and caligraphy.


All My Life (Cutshall's broadest reaching effort to date)... a large ensemble conceptualization featuring:

Dave Liebman-Tenor & Soprano Saxophones

Guitarist Ben Monder

Herb Robertson- Trumpets

Pianist Frank Kimbrough

Tony Marino-Bass



Cutshall has performed & recorded with:

Dave Liebman

Vic Juris

Russ Lossing

Danilo Perez

Bill Goodwin

Herb Robertson

Tony Marino

Ed Schuller

Ben Monder

William Hooker

John Gross

...and many, many, other notable musicians.


After 15 years off from playing music Scott is making in-roads back into performance & recording beginning with an appearance as part of the John Gross Trio at the 2012 Portland International Jazz Festival..

Currently he is leading an ever-changing group called Scott Cutshall's Phrasology.  Exploring open pieces to Monk compositions to classic mid-1970's benchmarks (like Keith Jarrett's Survivors Suite), the Phrasology concept is becoming a think-tank for what is possible within the artform.

Scott Cutshall is endorsed by Vic Firth Drumsticks and Protection Racket Bags ... oh, and his wife. 

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