What You Do, and... What You can Do,

Posted November 8, 2013 @ 12:43am | by S. Cutshall

If I could possibly count the number of times I was (hell, am) told that something can not be accomplished, I'd be much better at math than I am (and I am not).

This isn't about encouragement or discouragement or even about negativity vs. positivity... a million cats write about that shit. No, this is about reasons and facts.

We tell others, mainly ourselves, many times per day about what is not possible. Why, lots of reasons:

Could be to try and stay away from challenges, could be laziness, could be self-esteem, could be that it's always easier to stay comfortably right where we are--doing the same old shit day in/day out... and when we aren't telling ourselves this mantra of jive we are busy telling it -or thinking it- towards lots of other folks.

Hell, we can even elevate this sort of thing up to the vaunted echelons of science. For instance, statistics.

I love statistics, I quote them all the time. And after all, we are all statistics (population, race, income... and the most basic too: birth, race, gender, death), but hold on here... how about when the statistics are against you so deeply that the educated cats, the scientists themselves, tell you, "Nope, cannot be done. Too difficult"... should we listen, should we abide, should we cave in and announce, "Hey, the experts said No Dice so I am not trying this"... should we?

I suppose it depends... maybe you want to try to survive a free fall from the top of the Statue of Liberty without a parachute, more than likely Galileo is going to be correct. You want to drink a gallon of gasoline and then stick an ignited road flare up your sphincter, go for it but chances are better than great, one way or another, something is going to happen that ends very poorly. But how about when those same Smart Fellas say, "Our stats show that our way is the only way... " and it involves you, your power to change, your ability to draw, redraw & then redefine your Self? It gets trickier.

The point of demarcation is different for all of us. You can see it as early as early childhood... one kid can play by himself for hours while the next one needs her mom or dad for all forms of entertainment; one kid wipes out in the playground and gets up and dusts herself off and gets busy again while another one stumbles and starts bawling until the entirety of the park comes running. We all have limits of self-preservation with ceilings as high as a skyscraper's penthouse suite and as low as the underside of the lowest part of that playground slide.

So what is the real nature of big, lasting, change? I would opine it's very different for all of us with one exception... having your ass up against a wall helps kick it in. Granted, that's a bad, urgent, place to find one's self but it does help move you into gear. However, that said, we also all have a great and fantastic thing called "The Brain" and "The Imagination", and they can certainly be used for more than just looking at shit on Facebook or Googling our own names.

Before your own personal shit hits the fan, unless you desire that, try using your imagination to conjure up that dark day you'd rather avoid down the road... after all, who knows, placing yourself in a really shitty imagined scenario right now to elicit real, meaningful, change, is way less scary than the alternative.

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