The Pooch was nearly violated

Posted March 24, 2005 @ 9:05am | by S. Cutshall

Last night in a moment of weakness we-ok, me-tried to break the Seal, The Pact... the PLEDGE.  Yes, I started crumbling worse than Vern Troyer's little weakened hips... I started to falter over our "New Way/New Day" plan for not eating out.

We hadn't shopped... mistake Numero Uno and when I started getting my taste on for dinner and couldn't find anything more than some frozen wieners, stale dawg bunnage, a wrinkled onion and some brown mustard I got slack jawed and weak in the knees.

I asked for... Thai.

Amy & Chloe, like some kind of one/two punch, home-intervention machine came to my rescue and firmly said, NO.

We ate hot dogs with chopped onions & mustard and for a beverage of total delight... drank water.  Yeah Baby!  El Sucko Mealio.  Not even a beer to be had in our dry abode.

Upside, this morning while erupting on the throne like Mount St. Helens from all the greasy nitrites in my unhappy colon I could at least smile in my steely fortitude that I didn't buckle.

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