The Hard Facts

Posted March 20, 2005 @ 10:44am | by S. Cutshall

I just finished up having a long pow-wow with Amy about our spending, our budget and money in general.

Starting now, today, this moment... this very minute-we are not going to eat one single meal out or get delivery or take out until April 20th.  Call it an experiment or whatever but I call it, trying to control the bleeding.

It has been driving me increasingly insane how Amy's salary plus my residuals from recordings put us around $88k per year for our income but yet we are constantly on the verge of being broke.   Between her and me we figured out that we spend nearly $12,000 per year in eating out.  That's nuts and must stop.  That's doesn't include any... ANY groceries!  Yet we drive around, when we drive at all, in a Volvo that has an exhaust hanging off of it, almost dragging on the frigging ground that sounds like something between a Yak in heat and a steak sizzling on a grill.  Sad.  The suspension is shot, a tail light and head light are blown out (we use the high beams for driving, even in the city), 90% of the exterior trim is gone from other cars whacking ours when they park in front or behind us, all 4 hubcaps have long ago blown off due to potholes... in general the car looks like complete shit.  Put it this way... if it was a bike I'd cry over its condition.

Where the *&^% is our money going?  I guess the answer is, Down the toilet quite frankly.  So starting now we are going to use ourselves as test subjects to see precisely how much $$ we can save by buying all of our food in grocery-form and actually cooking it at home on our dust-covered stove.

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