The Essence of Facebook

Posted November 2, 2013 @ 2:30am | by S. Cutshall

Everyone is guilty of it, some more than others certainly, and I dig that it takes two to tango (after all, you could just be throwing out some basic life event and depending on the mood of that person reading it, a bad day or worse perhaps, it could really piss them off)... but that said, there is much truth in this...


7 Ways to be Insufferable on Facebook


My two personal FB pet peaves:


1.  The Humble (but HUGE) Dig Me Brag:

"Hey, just wanted to say I am really fortunate to be playing with 'so & so' in fill in amazing exotic city here tonight, and just found out I'm probably going to win a poll in Amazing Musician Magazine, Lady Gaga texted me and I found 3 unopened condoms.  Man, touring is exhausting and I miss watching Breaking Bad without subtitles.  Okay, have to split, dinner at a 5-Star joint with the band and then off to the venue in a limo. Man I miss my apartment but I love you guys!!"

Hey pal, fuck you.


2.  The Lonely Needs Fixing FB Person...

"Wow, really feeling alone onight.  Just ate some ramen, played with the cat's anus for a bit (okay, I've never read that on FB but you dig), can't sleep, drank two 6'ers, watched some porn, but man I really do miss my Ex-Wife tonight.  Wow, really do."

Get therapy.

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