Straight Up

Posted July 20, 2012 @ 1:15pm | by S. Cutshall

...I fear for a People, a Society, any Culture (ours, America-mainly), that does not reconnect themselves to something so pure, simple & joyous, as riding a bicycle as an adult.

Recently received an email from a pal in Pennsylvania who was ready for a new chapter to open up and kick in.
He's a retired surgeon who saved many a life, made more than a few better, and did what he could to slow the flow of the Big Black Curtain.
And he's had his own personal share of tribulations thrown at him too... a number of Ticker related issues, that ultimately led to an early retirement from the one thing he loved best, Opening up People to fix em.
He got the big All-Clear from his own personal physician and that was that, Bicycle Time.
We back & forthed a couple times, and then he waited patiently (like any rational grown-up would who is on the cusp of reconnecting with the best of being a child all over again), and a couple weeks later, The Dream was ready to crack open...

A beautiful bicycle, a grown-up who is ready & willing... The Pure Unadulterated Possibilities.

Here's to That, Always & Again...


Straight Up

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