Resolutions are Bullshit

Posted January 1, 2011 @ 5:07pm | by S. Cutshall

It's January 1st, it's a new year, it's 2011... so what.

It's just a day.

It's, if one checks the calendar, a Saturday.

It's, if one does the math on varying amounts of Daylight Savings Time over the years [since Man, himself, enacted such things], technically not even January 1st, not 2011, nor even a Saturday [that's a guess though... and I am too tired to spend the time figuring out how to figure that one out & double check my suspicion--I asked Amy about this, she looked at me sort of cross-eyed and said, "Jesus, Scott, I have no idea... don't ask me questions like that after I worked 13 hours of Call at the hospital"... so, again, I am not so sure].

Sure, I can dig why folks look to days like today for new beginnings and the like, but truthfully, they never work... and I assume they never work because this day, today, would happen regardless of my, your or any ones involvement in it.  Today, like all other days, doesn't really give a shit what you do with it... it's going to start [and end] whether you change or not.  Days are like this.  January 1st -also- does not care what you impose on it because it's just a man-made date like all the rest of the days of the year.  **Note: what the fuck is a year anyway?**

Now, how about January 1st as a new & clean slate from which to work?

That one is better to my mind. 

Wiping off the proverbial chalkboard is a nice idea: start fresh, reconnoiter the confusing equation[s], take a new/better look at how to get shit right.  That seems sound & rational.

But! ...the rub is always the same: these things always begin with a thought, and while thoughts are good, thoughts are usually the easiest part of change. 

Put another way: change is work, work is earned, whereas a day is not.

Years ago I read somewhere that humans can change almost anything... for 3 days to 3 weeks, after that though it's "99% fail or bail" [okay, I am full of shit--it's my theory].  And it's true, change is easy [I've found] when one of two similar things go down...

1.  Nothing pushes back against that Change [thus challenging it/you/the momentum of it]

2.  It's new & fresh [those first 48 hours... or, once the crest has been summited: past 3 weeks].

Said another way: How easy is getting up early when one doesn't need to [for work -money- versus for changing -improving- Self]?, or How easy is it to not drink booze when alone versus at a party where all are imbibing?, or riding ones bike everyday regardless of weather, with no friends, and with no actual destination [work/errands]?, or working on their anger when not being challenged into a situation of anger?... it's like I tell Chloe often, "To change is hard, but to take stock of the progress of your change, well you've got to throw yourself into the worse case scenario of what it is you're trying to affect that change within & upon"... and a great but endless, wonderful but hard-ass, road to change it is.  Add age/years to what it is you're trying to change, and man oh man, it's like climbing K2 naked in a total whiteout without any sherpas nearby.

Obviously, we can elect to change at any hour of any day within any month... but tradition typically elects that day to begin on the first day of the new year.  And as a sidebar to the nebulous idea of Change & Resolutions: another I tell myself often [so much so, I don't really ever say it to myself per se, having made it more into a part of me that's just there, inside me, as fact], and from time to time, my daughter: 'I don't really care about what anyone intends to do as much as I care about what they are doing'.  Said differently, speaking of ones resolution disempowers it greatly.  If it's important, and change is always important, then it really stays strong, pure & crystalline when it's kept inside versus Twittering or FaceBooking it out to 15 thousand people.

I, being I, find that things that most like, what I call The Popular, repulse me... so therefore I would never, personally as a point of being profoundly "Scott", never go the easiest, typical, predictable route: i.e. I'd never change a damn thing on New Year's.  No, it's too base, not worth my time and frankly if I've got something big to undo and redo, I ain't having it tagged in with a zillion other people trying to change up their shit too.  No way, Jose.  Change is big, it's epic, it needs protecting... it cannot be exposed, similar to an infant, until it is strong, reliably mobile, and able to withstand the punishments of the outside world.  Anything less than that is unfair to the act of Change... really, anything less is bullshit, jive & just more words to fill up a world already overfilled with hollow words. 

For me, I picked Thanksgiving Day for change... and not for the reasons most might think either [I won't go into why other than to leave it with... personal metaphor].

I'll shutup after this:

The other reason people falter is this, Tradition & Traditions [at least I know I did for years because of it].

If the one day that many out their voice on what it is they are about to embark on to change, and it's also a tradition to say it that particular day, and that day is also widely accepted as the day to do such, well, 2+2... [it's the same -as above- with booze/parties, food/holidays & for the angry person: quelling that anger when not in an angered situation, etc... there is no real test for the testing of it, it gets canceled out].

So, what are my resolutions for '011?

I have none, and even if I did...

I wouldn't tell.

But I don't have any [at least on this day, for chrissake].

Peace & Love-




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