On Mindfulness...

Posted December 18, 2014 @ 3:57pm | by S. Cutshall

On Mindfulness...

The nature of any of us, I think more and more these days, is thinking and looking toward the future while referencing the past. There's always the "What needs done" list and the myriad of "To Do" lists, and while we are all raised, more or less, with the axiom of "Learn from your mistakes and successes" (which of course in and of itself implies -rather strongly at that- the notion of The Past, but that said learning from our mistakes, failures and successes is a proven way of learning, no doubt)... the only thing truly missing from this picture is The Now.

I have noticed quite a bit lately how little I have, and am, truly residing in The Now. And that's rather fucked up. If I look at it -the way I am slowly, ekeingly, learning how to these days- the only thing I have, you too for that matter, is right now. The rest is either done and over with (be it good or bad) or three seconds or three hours from now... and 'from now' ain't now.

It's like I am given to thinking about the nature of Art and the process behind it: there's the finished 'thing' and there is the process of everything that lead up to that finished 'thing' (and for me personally I've always been more of a "smell it, feel it, touch it, take in the air of the environment" kinda guy... meaning, sure I like to see finished results -be them books, a great film, perhaps some wonderful love-crafted food, certainly superb music and fantastically inspired paintings- but what really flips my switch into Rocket Sauce Mode is seeing, knowing of, experiencing the, shit-even reading about or hearing of it second hand (through first person stories), The Process behind and underneath the finished Thing!

Said differently, my longtime mentor and teacher, Floyd, used to tell me when he would know I was going to an important concert (or he, himself, had arranged for me to go because he felt it was that important to my development as a young, upstart, musician), "Scott, I want you in the front row. Understand me?" And the first couple times he told me this and a confused expression must have come over my face, he would always follow up with, "Because you need to not only see & hear BUT smell the music, the notes, the musicians, their instruments, their cologne, shit man-their body odor and sweat, all of it, to really truly know what goes into it."

And he was right.

He was always right.

It's the architecture of Doing. Sure, it's always great (is it?) to float in and see the touchdowns or victory dances but isn't it also -at least- equally fantastic to know what went into that Moment? The Backstory. And to me that's the Doing.

Now before I go too far astray here, lets be crystal clear about something--so far much of what I've said implies "The Past" right? Right. The pre-story, the leadup, the moments whereby all the other work was done before we/you/I saw that Thing. I dig. But what I am actually pushing at here is the notion that the Doing, the Now (even if it is historically already a foregone conclusion and in the bag of the Now) is the real Juice. Yes, I am using examples that are mostly past tense but when you're doing something Now, Right fucking Now, Creating, the other folk -those that will be the benefactors of it for lack of a better word, will (usually) only see it, know of it, experience it, come to smell it, after that work -that Doing- has been completed/has happened... and my point is this:
that work was in & of the absolute sniper rifle scope of The Now. And that's the real Juice of Life I do believe.

And that's where I am aiming to get to.

Sight-On. Spot-On. Right Now.




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