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Posted August 25, 2005 @ 7:11pm | by S. Cutshall

Well, we I just survived a weekend with Amy's family visiting from that planet waaaay out in the Milky Way known as Michigan.  Many close calls... but got through it.


I once, long ago, thought all the hub-bub about family-particularly inlaws- was just a bunch of hooey oft mentioned to get laughs or something...

Nope.  It was most certainly written by someone who had more experience with the whole thing than I did at the time.  Of course at that time I had none... I was too young and too unmarried.

I really enjoy Amy's family... her mom is an absolute trip.  Her step-dad is a really nice guy too.  It's just that when you're in their orbit it's like being swept up by a Cat. 5 tornado.  Serious turbulence and mayhem ensues.  And this isn't including the rest of the bunch.  Sisters, cousins, et al come into the picture and it's like an atomic bomb going off in a trailer park.  Chaos.  100%.


Still having a nice, young English lad from London UK build me a site and as he's been quite busy with "university" (as they say over there) not too much to report on it.  However, in the meantime I built up a few pages that look well... quite frankly like total shit, but that's not really the point right now-after all, it WILL look better someday... anyway, I built the 3 pages so that I could start putting up some streaming audio. is the place to check it out.  As of now I have 2 full tunes up from my first record as a leader (which is different than being on someone elses record as a sideman... in case you were curious as to why I was differentiating).  It came out in 1996 on a German label called CMP Records which is now defunct as they were sold to an British company that pretty much wanted the catalog so they could store it in their vault for some-as of yet known-reason.  Anyway, I'll be putting up some more stuff soon and when the site gets up and running in its completed state there will be lots of new stuff.

Check it out... if you dig it let me know, if you don't dig it let me know... and if you REALLY dig it send me some dough.  Dig?


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