Day One-Year Zero

Posted June 23, 2005 @ 7:22am | by S. Cutshall

Here we are... here we go!

Today is Day #1 of 6 weeks of detoxification.  No caffeine, no sugar, no salt, no dairy, no animal products whatsoever, nothing refined... no flour, nothing-NOTHING processed.  No sweetener substitutes... zero.

That's what we won't be having-ever again.

Here's what we will be having now-

Fresh fruit (4 minimum per day-up to unlimited amounts), fresh vegetables (minimum 1 pound per day), cooked veggies (minimum 1 pound per day), beans-canned or dried no salt/sugar added (minimum 1 cup per day) and 1 oz. of raw nuts.  Water. 

After 6 weeks-

Add the occasional starchy vegetable... potato & corn.

Now & Then-

Soups made with any of the above ingredients, raw fruits, blended salads (raw fruit &/or veggies done up in either a food processor or blender and consumed from a glass), salads with dressings made with raw fruit & veggies, etc.

I wanted a challenge, I must lose weight too... this is the plan that will hit on both.  Besides optimizing my health, I'll lose weight (lots of weight) maximize energy, build my immune system and a whole host of other bonuses.  According to studies this will also boost natural reserves of Serotonin, reconnect transmitters and put in check depression (my depression could also be a result of weight, diet, a lack of goal setting/undertaking/completion, staying inside too much, not getting enough exercise, etc).

Finding Dr. Joel Fuhrman through one of the great folks who responded here at Large Fella (John H. "Hoppy") has been an amazing discovery.  His books and concepts are truly incredible.

One additional Thank You also... everyone who responded to my "Raw" entry-your views truly helped me start thinking about things and that made a huge difference for me.  Thanks.

Here's to Change.

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