11/20/13 CMG/Revival Gig Redux...

Posted November 21, 2013 @ 9:12pm | by S. Cutshall

Had a good turnout for last night's performance, and the band played fantastically--always good when both things come together.

Played 90% Monk tunes (Stuffy Turkey, Brilliant Corners and Boo-Boo's Birthday), surprised my daughter Chloe by speaking to the audience about her love of music and new-found love of the Trip-Hop band Massive Attack all by means of playing their piece Teardrop, and lastly... closed out the set by getting to honor a huge influence on my life, Paul Motian, two days shy of the 2nd anniversary of his passing away, by playing his sublime composition Psalm.

I'll have some video up soon, in the meantime...

Photos by John Gross' lovely wife, Darcy:

Something obviously was very funny... perhaps my playing?

Tenor saxophonist, John Gross... finding something, also, funny.

John and me getting ready to play music... that moment where any rational & sane musician sort of wishes the establishment would burn down so the gig is cancelled.

What I am pointing out, haven't a clue... maybe I was helping someone who wandered into the performance, looking for the Nine Inch Nails enorma-dome concert, to find the door out--or maybe I was just pointing randomly at nothing.  Lot of drums last night.

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