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Scott Cutshall-

Created some 9 months, give or take, before being born on September 22nd, 1963, Meadville, Pennsylvania at 11:59pm... barely a Virgo.

Recognized first as a creative musician within the New York City jazz scene, working with various legends such as saxophonist Dave Liebman (Miles Davis and Elvin Jones) and recording for the highly acclaimed German record label CMP, went onto even greater international recognition for reclaiming his life in what The Today Show called, "an unimaginable feat of bravery and near impossiblility".

Cutshall was given a death sentence of sorts when he reached 501 pounds, doctors & surgeons pronounced him a 'dead man without our surgery', instead he changed everything about his life -from food to a comprehensive understanding of society's impact on marginalizing people to ideas on daily transportation to personal responsibility & culpability in a time when more and more blame is placed elsewhere- and in 3 years lost 332 pounds.

Musician, Writer of Words, Husband, Stay at Home Unpaid Haus Frau Homeschooling Dad, he has spent time on both coasts (and in between them too) of the United States of America... and finds the Eastern side to be preferrable.

He currently resides in Portland, Oregon (a city shrouded in endless pissing rain, titty bars, very strict rules on not allowing minors into clubs to watch their dads play music, meth-heads, and a seemingly unending mystery on what automobile turning signals are to be used for) with his wife and daughter (but dreams of living in Europe -- where he assumes (probably incorrectly) that he would & could work more and be better embraced & tolerated, perhaps even lauded).

He can be seen frequently in and around Portland on bicycle -and- foot (but very seldom in a car).

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Fuck the GOP...

Posted August 10, 2018 @ 2:45am by S. Cutshall

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The Sins of The Son

Posted October 19, 2015 @ 12:45am by S. Cutshall

My dad died.18 years ago my mom died.On May 17th of this year I became an orphan. A 51 (now, as of 9/22/15, a 52) year old orphan. And it's weird. Odd. Off-putting. Reality inducing. Cryptic. Bittersweet. Occasionally tear-filled, wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night "Holy Shit"... Read More...