Xtracycle Goodness...

Posted July 6, 2008 @ 2:01am | by S. Cutshall

Well today's the BIG day... heading over to BBBB's shop/crib to begin the El Dumbino build up.  And then, once back home it's time to adorn that beauty with the goodness that makes it all come together:

a bountiful bevy of Xtracycle Goodness!!

Couple days back, the doorbell rings, Chloe answers it and WHAM:
[click for Xtra-Ness]

Dscf0091  Dscf0102

Dscf0106  Dscf0113

Dscf0118  Dscf0125

Dscf0128  Dscf0131

Dscf0139  Dscf0151

After unwrapping all the Xtracycle Abundance, I roasted off some veggies for Chloe's dinner...

[her favorites: asparagus, red & yellow peppers and Goat Brain w/some fresh cracked pepper, kosher salt and xtra-virgin olive oil] ...she went to bed happy on roasted vegetables and dreaming of riding her very own SnapDeck.  Tomorrow, that dream turns to reality.  Let the Journey begin!

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