The Beginning

Posted February 6, 2005 @ 5:31pm | by S. Cutshall

In mid 2003 I was driving my daughter to preschool and going about my usual business.  After dropping her off and making sure she landed safely in her classroom, her nose was blown, her coat hung, her lunch stowed away... I was heading back home or more correctly hurrying back home so that I could find my place in line behind the street sweeper thus insuring I would have a parking spot on our street after the sweeper went through.  That's how things work around here.  On street parking is a form of currency and you're either wealthy or broke.

On this particular day I was sitting in our Volvo, waiting for the sweeper to show up, when this guy dressed in black spandex went cruising past me calm as a cucumber on a bicycle.  He looked relaxed cruising along, some stuff on his rear rack and a messengers bag slung over one shoulder and hanging off his back.  He certainly was making better time than me... than anyone sitting in the backed up traffic out on the street too.  I smiled and remembered riding a cycle as a kid and teen.  Then I remembered my old bike too.

Knowing that I had a good 20 minutes to kill sitting there, sipping my coffee while I waited for the sweeper, I grabbed my cell and called my brother in Philly who still rode and hadn't given it up like I had.  He was still home before work and we ended up talking for an hour.  In that time the sweeper showed, I tucked in behind him, got my space and parked... all while talking to my brother about our old bikes & what happened to them, how much he rode currently, Lance Armstrong, the TdF, wheelsets that cost one thousand plus dollars, carbon fibre... a ton of different bike related stuff.  In the end, when we hung up, I was psyched to get inside and start cruising the Net looking at Treks, Cannondales, bike shops locally, Breezers and everything in between.

Basically I had asked my brother this: Could a fat, middle-aged, bloat bag such as I actually get on a bike without crushing it, start riding it, enjoying it all over again and actually lose some weight while doing all of the above... his answer was a resounding, Yes.

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