Happy BirthdAy ,, Daddy!!

Posted September 22, 2008 @ 12:04am | by S. Cutshall

My dad is turning 45 years old today !!  not his favorite number though.  He tells my mommy and me this every day,  mostly.  Im proud that he's gone through all this      I can't believe that's he's done all this, and made his life, my life and mommy's life so good.  He   survivedwhen everyone said "No way, Jose!' 

He's truthful, he's smart, he's brave.  His mommy was smart, so he's smart too. She helped him a lot,like he helps me and mommy and I know he misses his mommy because she got sick and went away to the sky, and I never got to meet her, my grandma, but I know she loves me and watches out for me, daddy and mommy.  All the time.  Too 

Sometimes I get upset with him too.  He hurries me really quick before bike rides, and makes me feed my fish and my cat, even though I usually forget.  Or want to forget.  Also, he likes to talk a lot and sometimes I can't even remember what I wanted to say while I wait for him to finish.  And sometimes he talks over me and that gets my goat!

I'm amazed by my daddy.  I love my dad and he loves me too.  And even though I haven't seen his mommy I still love hertoo.

When I watched the slideshow about my dad, I cried.  I never knew he would die, I just knew he was my dad.  So, I'm glad he's here, and everyone was wrong about him.My dad can do amazing things and he always surprises people a lot, bUt  Iam not so surprised that he showed all the people who said he wouldnt' make it.    My dad is FIERcE!

I'm pretty much squeezed out right now talking about him so,

Happy Birthday DADDY!!!!!!

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