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Posted July 15, 2005 @ 8:15am | by S. Cutshall

I take the hit for not staying up on the FBQ... 100% my fault.  I got busy with other things and then had computer problems (which have never been solved completely and still randomly plague me) and then I got bummed out about life stuff and now... trying to switch my personal Operating System from Meat/Junk Foods 98 to Vegan/Whole Foods XP has certainly thrown my day to day doings into an ass slide of strangeness.

All of that said... I do have some remaining interviews left to edit and publish but the list has grown short & thin.

I do/did have a few great subjects left for the series but honestly and straight up I'm tired of trying to politely remind (read-beg) some of these Gents into taking 20-30 minutes out of their day to complete the thing and press "Send" to get it off to me.  They shall remain nameless (but you-if you know custom builders that is-probably know who is AWOL from the series).  Most have promised me the completed interview countless times to leave me wondering if I should yet again risk being annoying by contacting them and asking if they sent it.  Fuck it.  They apparently see it as trivial or they're just too busy... so be it.

Sadly, the worst experience in the series-and potentially one that could have affected these last stragglers-has never come to light.  Let the light shine now brother!

Back around the 3rd or 4th installment in the FBQ series, when I was "outing" it at a certain forum board I happened to come across a thread by a guy who had just taken delivery of a new Vanilla cycle (which obviously you know I think are totally crap bikes from the beautiful intro [my opinion!] I gave Sacha on the FBQ installment featuring Vanilla, right??!!).  He had pics posted as well as a "review" of his first ride(s).  The pics very much made me think that the bike looked small for him... also, I thought this because he had quite a bit of  seatpost/stem showing.  Besides that, he had put up one of those reviews that are just (in my opine) completely silly.  You know, the standard pap about "plush ride, the bike steering itself, snappiness from the frame helping me climb hills" and the Grand Poobah of all hyperbole, "Power Transfer".  Do ya like the bike or not?  Does it ride nice and make you happy?  Good, great... now shut the fuck up and ride.

Anywho, I called him out on his piss-poorly written thesis, plus made the heinous mistake (apparently) of asking... "Did you get properly measured?  The bike looks small for you?"

Sweet-assed Mary did that begin a shite-storm for me.

Here's the entire thread in all its absurd glory...

And if that wasn't all enough the guy then went on to try and turn frame builders away from me and the "favors" (his word) they were doing me by participating in the series.  Hmmm... yes, I found the FBQ enjoyable (otherwise why the fuck would I do it??!!), informative (for sure) and fun too BUT it involved 100's of emails, anywhere from 2 to 4 hours per installment for editing, following up on addendum's from certain builders, requests for seeing it first before publishing it here at LFoaB, receiving and/or hunting for pics online, writing emails for permission to use said pics, editing/photoshop'ing said pics and lastly triple checking every answer, address, phone number, etc ALL before publishing the thing.  Added to that, I don't get a blog for free (yes, I could use a free service like Blogger but as is always the case when something is Free... they have limits on uploads for photos, bandwidth, traffic, etc or they are just plain slow and I don't want that) nor do I get a blog for free because I'm a perpetual professional student (like Jim over at Oil be for Sissies)... nope, I want something good, robust and dependable that can be customized, so I pay for this puppy.  And with the added traffic from the FBQ and stuff like photos, etc... I pay/paid extra to boot.

Yeah, builders doing me a "favor"... my ass.  I did it to have fun, help builders out (if I could... and as a sidebar kind of thing) and *mainly/actually* to inform people out there as to what's available in the world of "Custom" cycles.

So here's what "that guy" then went on to try and accomplish by disparaging me, my name and this blog.  Read it Here.   Read the whole thread BTW.

And then the guy goes to the Serotta Forums and tries again...


And then the threats and insults started to pour forth.  About me, the blog, my wife, my daughter, my custom Bob Brown, etc...

Anyway... there is some FBQ remaining-look for it starting next week-and then there will be no more.  There were a few "big fish" guys left but they are apparently too busy and lastly... there are insane motherfuckers out there riding bikes (customs and carbon fibre included) who, given the smallest provocation, will anonymously email really hideous shit to people (including death threats... happy thoughts Scott, happy thoughts!) over things like asking if their (or their buddies) bicycle fits them properly.

Moral of story...

i.e. The sun is starting to set on the FBQ.

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