Coffee-The Precious Black Fluid

Posted February 6, 2005 @ 4:47pm | by S. Cutshall

There was a time when I was a tea drinker, period.  To say that I didn't like coffee would be an understatement... yuk!

Thanks to my lovely wife, Amy I have seen the Glory, The Light... The Splendid Way Of The Beveled Bean.  Now I drink the shit like others breathe air.  I snort coffee... it's become one of my Top 3 Greatest Vices.  Each morning I fully expect my pee to run ebony with a slight hue of cream.  Thankfully this has not happened yet.

Most days we make one or two pots of Chock Full O' Nuts in our ever reliable (and fast becoming stained with coffee and calcium), mega-sized Mister Coffee machine that we bought for 20 bucks at Target.
However, when the occasion calls for it-or at least exhaustion rules us-we go Deep 6 into caffeine bliss by taking the extra 10 minutes to brew a cuppa with our french press. 
We use expensive beans for this... whole of course.  Grind 'em up sorta course in texture, put to boil some h2o and top off the whole moment with half & half frothed in our hand frother.

Such an event is taking place right now as I type this.  Amy is pumping that frother like a half-crazed Charlie Sheen in Platoon trying to get those claymores to fire off and take out some  North Vietnamese.  I can smell the freshly ground beans... nice aroma that black gold is.

To quote Smeagol, "The Precioussssssss"


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